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An Internet Love Letter…

By April 2, 2020August 30th, 2022Devotional

Today is Janet’s birthday. She knows that I always go out and get her several cards to hide around the house – and I know how much she enjoys going around looking for the multiple cards that I usually get her. This year, I also got her a card from Hank, our dog, to change it up a little bit. I am sure that this was unexpected – and with all the turmoil, surprising her is no easy task.

The big problem is what to get her! Almost all of the stores where I would usually shop for her are closed, or even out of business, so I racked my brain thinking of what I could do as a tangible expression of my love on the occasion of her birthday. I was actually going to make my own card for her, but realizing how poor my artistic talents  are, I thought it well worth my time to purchase the cards instead.

The last several years we have shopped together for our birthdays. We are into the more practical ideas of doing things that we enjoy together. Such was the case this year as well.

We have pretty much done all that we are interested in doing, at least until this health crisis is over. That is, until I thought of an idea. And that idea was to write a post on my love for Janet; a love that grows stronger every year – almost 47 years of being married and 63 years of knowing one another. That’s quite a run. And we are still in our prime!

The truth of the matter is that my life would have been much different, and by that I mean worse, if it wasn’t for Janet. She is the most compassionate, God-centered, loving person I have ever known. She is much more tolerant that I have ever been and will do almost anything to see the best in people and to avoid confrontation – not something that I shy away from. We see eye to eye a huge percentage of the time and we each have traits that strengthen our marriage through it all. Janet has tried to smooth off my rough edges – and I have probably pushed her outside her comfort zone into being a little more social than she otherwise may have been. Still, there is no greater enjoyment than spending the evenings together engaged in conversation or watching shows together on TV.

Like all couples who have been married for as long as we have we’ve had our ups and downs with raising the kids and worrying about various events. Just like everyone else, we wish the world wasn’t suffering from a pandemic but we have continued to enjoy one another’s company and the solitude we have recently encountered hasn’t bothered us or created any anxiety at all. We love being together. In fact, I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else and am glad that we will be together throughout eternity. I would hate for it all to end – ever…

So, my message tonight is simple. Janet, I love you… more than you can possibly know or imagine. I still can’t believe that God chose you for me – and me for you. We are entering another season of our lives together and I just can’t fathom how it can get any better – but it will. God has a plan for our life together and it is still unfolding. I can hardly wait to see what wonderful surprises await us in the coming years.

It hasn’t always been easy but we have been committed and persevered through it all – and we have grown even closer through the stressful times. We are in such a time now – with the world on edge, unprecedented illness, uncertainty around every corner, isolation, boredom, businesses shutting down, the absence of family gatherings and even the celebration of your birthday dampened by closures and social distancing. But know that I am always there for you – right by your side – closer than six feet – and I can’t imagine going through all this with anyone else!

Our verse for tonight is from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. He simply tells us, in Ephesians 5:25, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church…” Let’s face it, that is more love than we, as humans, can possibly imagine. My encouragement this evening is that Christ has created someone for each of us – a special person who was destined to be with us – as a friend or a spouse – or both. My prayer is that God directs your steps to find your true love, just as He has done for Janet and me. Happy Birthday, Janet! I love you! And to all of you, have a great day in the Lord, grace and peace…

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  • David Toussaint says:

    What a beautiful letter to your wife. What a great relationship you all have and had thru these years. It is a credit to you as a man, in this day of divorce, that you have stayed firm in your love for her.
    Congratulations, my good friend!

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