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Bad Timing

By March 19, 2013August 30th, 2022Devotional

Every once in a while, I take things into my own hands and tend to think that I know better than anyone else how certain things should be done. Well, as embarrassing as it is, I have to admit that the past week or so has reminded once again that I should not ignore the signals that God sends to me.

To really understand what happened, it is important for me to reveal that I have several blind spots when it comes to the timeliness of certain purchases. Lately, Janet and I have been speaking about getting a new car. I have been on the road more, driving to clients, and when I travel, I usually trade cars with Janet and she drives my little car. I then take her SUV on the road, knowing that it is a little safer and more comfortable on longer trips on the road.

Well, several weeks ago, Janet let me know that she longer feels comfortable driving my car. At all… So when I go overnight somewhere, she feels trapped if we trade cars. I can understand her angst. My car is a little lower to the ground and more difficult to get in and out of. It is a little tight and, admittedly, is something of a driver’s car. You kind of feel like you are in a cockpit, close to the road and the vehicle is pretty responsive – none of which is important to Janet. She worries about turning around and seeing traffic behind her, getting in and out; and in general the car just doesn’t feel right for her.

I’ve had it almost 8 years now, so I didn’t need much encouragement to think about getting something different. We have looked around to see what is on the market, and in all honesty, decided that we should wait until we take care of several other obligations first. We don’t want to incur any debt and it just makes perfect sense to wait. That was until the “perfect” car came into my life. Yes, the perfect car.

It’s not new, but it’s just what I have “always wanted.” And I deserve this, don’t I? I work hard, compared to the price of a new one, it’s a great deal and it is only 1 year old with 12 thousand miles. Who could ask for anything more? And… it’s my kind of car… They know me in the service department, I can get loaners when my car is in service and with more than 8 years at the same dealership, they realize that I am a loyal customer. It’s almost too good to be true.

I first spotted the car last week – online. I drove past it and that confirmed my idea that it was the right car for me. Unfortunately, I am in Dallas for several days so I can’t take it for a test drive. I called the dealership and asked them to hold it for me – no luck. Too many other interested buyers may stop by. So I crossed my fingers and hoped that it would still be there when I return home later this week. I finished writing my post late last evening and decided to “surf” a little. Sure enough, I landed on the car I had seen – only this time it was linked to a report on its history. And my heart sank when I read that the car had been in an accident last fall. I don’t know how serious it was, but it was bad enough to be reported. Maybe it was a mistake and the car really wasn’t damaged.

And then I saw the service records – normal services for most of the first year. After all, the car is only a year old with 12 thousand miles. But the brake pads have already been replaced and the rotors have already been turned. Both right side wheels have had to be straightened and 4 tires replaced with excessive wear. What kind of a guy drove this car during the first year of its life? The evidence mounted up. I would have to be an idiot to buy the car.

So when I woke up this morning, I called Janet and she informed me that she still didn’t feel right about buying this car before we completed our other obligations. And that was before I let her know what I had found out… Needless to say, I won’t be taking the test drive later this week. But even with all this, I tried to convince myself that things weren’t all that bad with the car. I must have rocks in my head…

One of my friends suggested that when I go out of town, I should just rent a car. Wow! I didn’t even think of that – and it’s much cheaper than a new vehicle. So I guess that I was a little anxious and by the grace of God, I didn’t jump in. I should have listened to that still, small voice in me, and in Janet, that was gently nudging us to wait. But I didn’t want to hear it. For now, the catastrophe is avoided, but it could have been bad.

The verse for this evening is from the Psalms. It speaks to our reward for waiting on God to control the timing. We are told, in Psalm 38:15,”I wait for you, O LORD; you will answer, O Lord my God.” My encouragement this evening is that I urge you to wait on the Lord. He will direct your steps and avoid many troubles in your life, if you let Him. My prayer is that you will “listen” better than I did. Fortunately, God finally got my attention before I made a serious mistake. Furthermore, I am sure that He will let me know when the time is right. Have a great day in the Lord, grace and peace…

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