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By March 11, 2013August 30th, 2022Devotional

Well, if you read the post last evening, or early this morning, whichever the case may be, you noticed something different! Yes, we’re back – with the full post going right into your inbox. The past several weeks have been difficult for many of you. To pull back the curtain and let you know exactly what happened, we were long overdue for a software upgrade from WordPress and we had put it off as long as we could. So after all the requisite updates, we found out that we sacrificed the ability to send the full post to your inbox each day.

When we started Transitions, our software specialists modified things so that we could accomplish our goal of making it easy for everyone to read the entire post each day. And when everything was updated, well – that modification vanished. Some of you weighted in by phone or email that it wasn’t so bad going out the the website to get the rest of the post. In fact, our web traffic went up dramatically. But the overwhelming majority of you really felt it was an inconvenience to read several lines and then have to stop and get to the website. And you know what? Janet and I agree with you… I subscribe to the post myself and I didn’t like going out to the site to get it. After all, I read the post on my iPhone and the type was too small when I had to read in on the internet.

Many of our subscribers are not as computer savvy as others are and it just created too many barriers to be able to get the word of God each day. Then I found out another interesting fact. Many of our readers forward the daily message on to groups of others who aren’t regular subscribers themselves. So the reach of this blog is much deeper and read by far more people than we had ever imagined. And that’s a blessing.

Last week, we were finally able to modify the new software and once again send our messages to you – in their entirety. Hallelujah! Last night was the test run, and it worked! I hope that you are as glad as I am about that…

I got to thinking about all the lives we touch without even knowing it. As Christians, that should be the goal that we all have. I don’t know about you, but most people like to know how many lives they impact. Some ministries even “count” the number of people that they “lead” to the Lord. Well, I never believed in that. After all, bringing people to the Lord is God’s business – not ours. He uses the Holy Spirit to work through us and in us, leading us to Him. And sometimes He uses us to reach others – and that means you as well as me!

Many times, one of us sows the seeds in someone’s life and then someone else is the vehicle through which a new convert accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior. One thing is for sure – God uses us in whatever way is necessary to accomplish His will for impacting the kingdom of God on this earth. Hopefully, this blog is one of the ways that God accomplishes His will. After all, compared to God’s desire for impacting the world, there aren’t enough of us. That means that we must always be on the look-out for ways to share the Good News of Jesus with the rest of mankind.

Furthermore, we should be able to simplify the message and make it easier for people to hear what we have to say. That’s just another reason it is so important that our entire message makes it into your inbox each day. No barriers – no jumping through hoops – no websites to visit – just God’s word delivered to you each morning – quick and easy. Tonight’s verse is one that Jesus Himself delivered to His disciples. From Matt. 9:37, we are told, “Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

That pretty much says it all. There are relatively few of us dedicated to furthering God’s kingdom. That means we must do everything we can to spread the word of God and to share the Gospel message with those who may not know the Father and His Son. My encouragement this evening is the same one that Jesus referenced in the verse – be an encouragement to others that they may know the saving grace of a relationship with Christ. My prayer is that you will selflessly devote yourself to being a willing participant in the movement to advance the cause of Christ in the world. Maybe that starts with forwarding this post to a friend – who knows how many we can impact? Have a great day in the Lord, grace and peace…

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