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Enough Already!

By January 21, 2014August 30th, 2022Devotional

Once again it is late and I’m trying to get ready to rest. But my mind is going a mile a minute. In the morning, the packing team arrives and I am concerned that they won’t get everything ready for the move on Thursday. Janet and our friend Pat have been diligent in getting some of the stuff done, but I have to say that I will be amazed if we are ready for moving day.

There are painters and flooring people and construction folks at the new place – feverishly trying to get some of the stuff done before we arrive and spend our first night there. It seems like organized chaos. Each evening this week I have gone over and made sure the lights are out and the doors are locked. We don’t need any uninvited guests – that’s for sure! We’ve already had the furnaces checked out but trying to set the thermostat requires a degree in engineering. And the light switches – I don’t know that we will ever get them figured out. It’s all this type of stuff that kind of annoys me.

I like to know how everything works and I find it incredibly frustrating that there will be the usual time required to master everything. The unpacking will take months but in this one area, I seem to be okay with the timeline. I really hope that we will take our time going through stuff and donate or discard the things we no longer use or need.

You can tell that this evening I kind of have the pre-game jitters. I’m just trying to get through it all while making it as easy for Janet as I can. I need the peace of God – period… So this evening, let’s cut to the chase. The verse for this evening is from the Psalms. It is the verse that I go to when I need a little rest and peace. From Psalms 46:10, we are told, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” That’s the ticket. I need to slow down and be still.

My encouragement this evening is that as busy as we are, God waits patiently for us to enter into a deeper relationship with Him. In fact, He can’t wait for us to slow down and engage Him in worship and prayer. My prayer this evening is that you will experience the peace that comes when you just sit back and let the love of God flow over you. And that only happens when you are still and receptive to the leadings of the Father. Have a great day in the Lord, grace and peace…

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  • Pam Haig says:

    Hi Scott:

    Great inspiration tonight as I arrive in Seattle to teach a cme course and attend a meeting with a University. Just learned of your impending move and am eager to hear more about this new transition. Julie just delivered our first grandson yesterday, three weeeks early and just in time before our scheduled departure. God’s blessings to you and Janet….Sincerely Pam (and Joe)

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