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Have a Sad Trip…I Love You…

By March 17, 2013August 30th, 2022Devotional

If you have an iPhone or, I assume, any other type of smart phone, you have a texting function. And, well, it probably has an auto-correct feature that tries to fix words that you typed in wrong. I know that I have sent some pretty wild text messages without looking at what the spelling is when they are sent. Several weeks ago, I was writing a pastor friend of mine on a very sincere subject and had spelled his name wrong. By the time it was sent, the computer had changed his name completely and I am sure it didn’t help my case that I addressed the note to an incorrect name.

In fact, there is a website that specializes in things that are texted as a result of auto-correct. Prudence would dictate that I not list the name in its entirety, but it is and people send in funny, rude and every kind of off-color comment that is sent by mistake. So while today’s exchange isn’t worthy of the website, it did catch my attention when Janet texted me the above message, the title of this post, as I was boarding my flight to Dallas earlier today.

You have heard me say before that Janet and I would rather be together than apart. And when I have to travel on a Sunday, then it’s even worse. But today, with the busy week I have coming up, both in Dallas and at home, it was necessary that I travel Sunday afternoon. Janet has things to keep her busy during the week, but the week-ends get a little lonely when we are separated – for both of us. In fact, I know that Janet uses the word “sad” oftentimes to describe how she feels. I’m the same way…

I left for the airport mid-afternoon and boarded the flight on time. I was getting settled in and putting my bags away. It’s been a month or two since I have had to fly so I was a little out of sync with the pre-flight events. Of course, when I received Janet’s text, I asked what she meant. Just before the time that we had to turn off our electronics, she let me know that she had meant, “Have a safe flight” – not a “sad” flight. Both were true.

Thank God that everything went well. There were storms across the midwest and so we encountered quite a bit of turbulence, but nothing that would cause anyone to worry. Wings and safety are common themes in the Bible. There are many representations that address the idea of safety under the wings of God. In fact, in the first several verses of the Bible, we are told that the “Spirit hovered over the surface of the deep”. In the Hebrew, this identifies the moment that the “Spirit” hovered in eager anticipation of the formation of the earth – the ultimate “nest” that God created for Man.

There are several places in the Bible that birds refer to the protection of God. Sometimes we read about strength and other traits that God exhibits. Other times we are told that we can find safety under the wings of God. Now, in all honesty, while we are told that angels have wings, we really don’t know what physical attributes, if any, God the Father has. Since he is a Spirit (as in the Holy Spirit), we won’t know about God until we get to the throne room of heaven.

The verse for this evening is from the Psalms, an area of the Bible that uses poetry and imagery to tell the stories of the psalmists. One of the verses that really is quite graphic in its depiction is Psalm 91:4, “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” In other words, God will tuck you safely under His protection and you will be safe. My encouragement this evening is that God wants you to seek His protection. He is waiting there for you to make yourself comfortable under His care. My prayer is that you will take advantage of God’s offer to you. There is no place more reassuring than knowing that God has you covered – where there is no care in the universe that can harm you. Have a great day in the Lord, grace and peace…

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