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Mission: Impossible?

By May 13, 2013August 30th, 2022Devotional

For months now, we have been working on a very large deal. It has involved numerous attorneys, people in a number of states, various banks and we have had to call in a large number of favors – I have even invoked the help of a number of friends that I have worked with throughout the years. Old friends, new friends and everything in between. We set a goal of completing a seemingly impossible task; and Tuesday is the day that we find out, hopefully, that our efforts have been worth it.

It’s something of a David and Goliath story. The little guy (us) against the giant financial institutions across the country. And while I am precluded from going into detail, it looks like it may actually happen that our mission will have a successful outcome. And I mean that we will prevail against literally insurmountable odds.

The truth be told, when I look back on the last 4 months, its difficult to believe that we are at this point. It’s similar to the feeling you get when you drive down the street, see a wonderful house you would just love to have and then, several months later, you are just about ready to close and move into your dream home the next day. And by the way, it wasn’t even for sale when you saw it the first time. It’s that exciting. But that’s for tomorrow.

The bigger question is how these seemingly impossible things happen. It’s one thing to have faith – but quite another to overlay that faith with God’s impeccable timing. And how do you know what God really wants us to do? Or when we are supposed to do it? And what buttons do you push or what levers do you pull to start the process and see if God is in it? There have been so many false starts and many times we have had the sense that we weren’t in step with God. We have held up and waited – praying that God would let us know when we were to proceed.

And then one day, it happened. We just knew that we were in alignment with the Father. Not in our timing, but His. And that was the most difficult part of the whole thing. Waiting for the sense that we were in sync with God. So many times in my life I have had that same feeling. You just kind of know when you are pushing and when you should let go and wait for everything to align.

So we wait – Tuesday is supposed to be the day, but we’ll see. And while I was at home waiting this evening – going through more than 75 emails I received this afternoon, an email popped up from a co-worker. She wrote to remind me of a verse – in fact, the verse for the evening. It’s from Luke 1:37, “Nothing is impossible with God.” Ain’t it the truth!

We fully expect that tomorrow we’ll see another example of God’s handiwork up close and personal. My encouragement this evening is to trust God. God wants us to expect miracles in our lives but we can’t do that unless we live life knowing that God is capable of performing miracles. I can assure you that He is. I have seen miracles happen more times than I can even recount. My prayer is that you will experience God’s miracles in your life the way that I have. Because it is really exciting when God sends you a little surprise – something that you couldn’t have possibly done in your human power. Have a great day in the Lord, grace and peace…

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