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The Speed of Technology

By October 18, 2012August 30th, 2022Devotional

Recently, the new iPhone 5 came out. As has become the custom, people rushed to the local Apple store or the internet and bought the phones by the millions. And notice, this is the 5th generation of the phone – and in the scheme of things, these smart phones really haven’t been around all that long. Or how about the iPad? We’re now on version 3 and they have only been around several years.

And then there are the computers. Each year, processing speeds go up and the weight of these laptop computers keeps going down. In fact, the MacBook Air that I am using to write this post tonight weighs 3.1 pounds – less than half of the weight of laptop computers several years ago. Now I was one of those people who believed in using things until they wore out. So, I would use my software and computers until they just didn’t support the updates any longer. But our son Andrew has taught me something…¬†that while technology is moving so fast these days, it’s not going to slow down. And a friend of mine, a Chief Information Officer of a local firm, reminded me of the same thing. While the costs of computers and peripherals is dropping, purchases must be made more frequently to stay current with the technology.

For those of us who don’t really understand the advances in technology, this creates a particular problem. Because we must depend on those who are competent in these areas to help us stay current. As for my own business, I have come to the conclusion that it pays great dividends to be on the leading edge of technology. So, almost without fail, whenever Andrew suggests something to me, I go along. Part of it is that I can’t judge the value of upgrades, but I trust him and he is much better at this stuff than I am. Second of all, I just don’t enjoy trying to keep up with all the latest and greatest. Things are changing so fast that if it where up to me, we would all still be using pencils and paper.

Which brings me to another point – and that is how much I appreciate the constancy of the Bible. Because no matter how the technology of the world changes, the Bible stays the same. The book I read each day is the same book my grandfather and great-grandmother read. The Bible is reliable, dependable and constant. Sure, I can read it on my computer, or iPad, or even my iPhone, but the words are the same. In fact, technology has made it easier to do research, even for this blog each evening. And I do have quicker access to different versions of the Bible so I can decide which translation will make the most sense each evening.

I guess that I can even make the argument that learning the original languages, Hebrew and Greek, is easier with the technological aids that we have today. But none of these conveniences negates or diminishes the fact that the Bible is the same today as it has been for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. There’s something calming about that…

In short, Scripture is dependable and we are told that it is inspired by God. In fact, our verse for tonight affirms that. From¬†2Tim. 3:16, we are told, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness…” My encouragement this evening is that you will consider the Bible as the most stable foundation you can have in your life. My prayer is that when you open its pages and ask for understanding of its contents from the Holy Spirit, you will experience a divine moment and that God will speak to you… the same way he spoke to your ancestors…

Have a great day in the Lord, grace and peace…

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