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We Love You, Grandpa…

By July 18, 2013August 30th, 2022Devotional

Hi everybody! It’s Kristin and I’ve one again been given the opportunity to be your guest blogger.  Tonight I would like to pay tribute to a very special man in my life…my grandpa, John Boyd. I have the BEST memories of both my grandparents growing up. I moved away from Illinois (their home base for most of my childhood) in second grade so I don’t have memories of visiting their house after school for warm cookies and a cold glass of milk to tell them about my school day like my cousins did. However, the trips my grandparents made to Indiana were so special and something eagerly anticipated for weeks prior to their arrival. We spent every spring break with them from the time I can remember in Fort Lauderdale. They would play tennis with us every morning, take us to the pool, Beach Shack for lunch and dinner at places like Bimini, Burt and Jack’s, and The Raw Bar. I look back on these trips as some of the happiest of my childhood. Each summer, when I got old enough, I would go spend a week with my grandparents. I LOVED being the center of attention (not having to share their affections with my brother and sister). We would go downtown and I would get to see my grandpa’s office, shop and just spend time with them. Again, these are memories that I cherish as an adult.  Even though we have been separated by geography, my grandpa was always a phone call away. My oldest son Connor bears the “Boyd” name to honor my grandparents.

Many posts in the past have started with “We love you…” This originated when I was an Alpha Phi at Ball State. This was a song that we sang to fraternities we were paired with for different events. It became a standing endearment in our family as I like to sing it to my dad and in turn, he sings it to me. However, I remember singing this song to my grandpa when we were at the Greenbrier celebrating he and grandma’s 50th anniversary many years ago. Grandpa is the only other person I have sang this song to besides my dad. I guess I only reserve it for the most special men in my life. I’m assuming someday my boys will be horrified when I serenade them with this song.

Anyway, how does this relate to God? When thinking about my grandpa and the health concerns he has had recently, I felt called to the 23 Psalm. This is a Psalm that clearly states that God is our protector and provider. We are his sheep and honored guests and He has “prepared a place for us” which is a promise of eternal celebration of God’s goodness.  Just like my grandpa has always been there for me, God loves us so much that there is a place in heaven waiting for each of us! What a comforting thought.

In conclusion, may you be comforted by God’s unwavering love for you and that each of us is an honored guest. To my grandpa: This is for you…

I love you grandpa, oh yes I do

I love you grandpa, and I’ll be true

When you’re not with me, I’m blue

Oh grandpa, I love you


Have a great night everyone! Peace to each of you.

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