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We’re Back…

By June 19, 2014August 30th, 2022Devotional

For the second time in seven months, I am sitting at the surgery center. Our son, Andrew, has just been wheeled back to have a procedure done on his right thumb – for the second time. What started out as a minor inconvenience last fall has turned into quite a production. A small mass, removed by a prominent surgeon, has returned more aggressively than the first time. While we are incredibly grateful that it is not malignant, which would necessitate the amputation of his right thumb, the mass sits on a nerve and seems to be quite invasive.

So we have been told that the surgery will be more intense and the surgeon will preserve as much function as he can while trying to remove the entire growth. It’s a delicate balance and nobody knows how this is going to turn out. So here I sit, thinking about what is going on behind me in the operating room. And I can’t help but think of all the times throughout the years that I have been in waiting rooms while our three kids have had various procedures done throughout the years. It’s impossible to stay objective about all these things when you children are at stake!

Not so many years ago, Andrew had a mass removed from the back of his throat that was thought to be cancerous. It wasn’t, but the two week wait for the pathology report was the longest two weeks of my life. And our daughter, Jill, broke her foot years ago – among other childhood issues. Kristin has been in the same place – numerous encounters with surgeons and doctors. Even Janet has had her share of issues with surgeons – including the same doctor who is doing the work on Andrew.

I don’t know that I will ever get over the anxiety of having people I love or care about going through medical procedures. I am incredibly grateful that medical science has progressed to the point where remedies or cures are available options to us for many of the things that ail us. As time goes on, it is my fervent prayer that cancers and other serious diseases – as well as traumatic brain and spinal injuries, will continue to become more treatable.

It’s at times like this that we usually turn to God for comfort and peace. And even people who aren’t necessarily religious tend to think more about prayer when the chips are down. And while I pray that Andrew has an easy time, and that God will guide the surgeon’s hands, my additional prayer is that Andrew will be able to get on with his life and not have to deal with all the distractions of illness or trauma. Furthermore, I hope that the family, including our circle of friends and acquaintances, will be spared some of the hardships of physical or mental infirmity. More later…

It’s evening now. Andrew is home and recovering while I am getting ready to pack it in after a very long day. So far, it appears that the surgery was successful. The adrenaline rush is wearing off and I am beginning to crash. Truth is, I get scared and afraid for our kids when they go through stuff like this. Believe me, I trust God but I always want to jump in and do something in my own strength. The verse for this evening is from Psalm 56:3-4, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?”

My encouragement this evening is that God wants us to depend on and trust Him when we are anxious or afraid. My prayer is that when you suffer the trials and tribulations of life you will turn to God and petition Him for peace… Have a great day in the Lord, grace and peace…

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