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When the Cupboard is Bare…

By June 7, 2020August 30th, 2022Devotional

I have now written more than 1550 posts and I have come to follow a process for writing. Rarely, if ever, do I try to come up with a topic for the evening. In fact, I just wait and experience life. Sometimes, something will happen that finds its way into my posts – and other times, I sit patiently and just wait to be nudged by the Holy Spirit. Then, and only then, do I sit down and write.

Another interesting thing that happens is that I usually don’t have an endpoint in mind when I start writing. I never create an outline or a rough story to expand on. I just start to write as I am moved by the Spirit and I am usually as surprised as anyone else to find out where I end up. In fact, many times I go back and re-read old posts – although I recognize my own style of writing, I can’t remember each and every post that I have written so I get to enjoy them several times throughout the years.

Tonight, something unusual happened. Nothing popped into my mind to write about. I sat here and just waited as I always do but I still didn’t feel any leadings from the Holy Spirit. Then, suddenly, it occurred to me that after all these years of writing, for tonight at least, the cupboard is bare. And a particular verse entered my mind. I realized that it was okay to write or even not write on any particular evening.

But it is nice to just be still. So, our verse for tonight is a familiar one and is short, just like tonight’s post. The Psalmist tells us, in Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God…” Sometimes, that is all it takes. Just to be still… and wait…

My encouragement tonight is that God waits for us until He has our undivided attention. Sometimes, that surprise comes to us in a free moment and other times God waits until the middle of the night to have His one on one time with each of us. My prayer is that we will all look forward to those times when the Creator communes with us – and that we will cherish those moments together. Have a great day in the Lord, grace and peace…

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  • David G. Toussaint says:

    How refreshingly honest. Sometimes the cupboard is bare, and so the question is how do we deal with it. Just as you said, we read the Bible, and if HE leads us there great, but sometimes we feel nothing in particular. So we pray and we wait. in HIS time and in HIS way HE will meet us and it is wonderful when HE does. But HE reminds us HE is the boss and we are the servants–waiting on our Master’s bidding.

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